Última actualización: jun 2018Terms of Service (ENG)

These are the conditions and terms of service that the client accepts when registering (registering) and reaffirms it before making any payment. In case of breaching any section ZonaHosting (hereinafter "ZH") reserves the right to terminate any service without any notice. However, we will always try to reach agreements with the client before going to any extreme measure.

General T.O.S.

There aren't any money back guarantee. Money backs are disabled after you buy anything because we are selling digital service/goods. You agree to these terms upon signup and purchase.

By accepting this you agree to any repentine terminations of your services because of a JUSTIFIED reason by the admins.

You are able to make re-seller services to anyone, but advertising us of your actions and prices via a ticket on the client area. If we discover you're making this without our agree, you'll be banned and there is not going to be a money back.

We're not in charge about the actions you made on the server. Any illegal action will result in perma-ban.

We're not in charge about services getting hacked (TeamSpeak/Web/Games)

Buying anything here, you agree to NOT open a PayPal dispute, as we do not offer money chargebacks/refunds.

When the user marks-in the "I've read the terms and conditions" checkbox means that the user agrees and affirms that he did read everything. You agree all conditions without exclusions.

We offer free support, but we cannot make changes to other's servers without permission/specific information provided in case you are not the owner.

In case of a fatal error we do have security copies from servers. You might have some data loss and our providers should be responsible of this if it's their fault.

If you have any question about this, open a ticket. Any administrator will help you (open as support category).

You cannot split a plan (for example, from a 4GB MC server to 2 servers of 2GB RAM) but you can upgrade/downgrade it whenever you want.

We do offer live chat when important server errors are happening or we have a high volume of support tickets. If it's avaliable you will have a popup, if not, open a regular ticket.

Anything transaction relateds will have to be done via tickets.

Administrators cannot change user passwords or info without: current mail user, payment ID (from PayPal),order ID and date of payment

The host is not in charge about illegal actions committed on the server/service, but if the host recieves any warning about it, server will be suspended until an agreement is met or will be closed without any possible chargeback

If a chargeback is started about whatever reason, service will continue until it's payment day, which will be cancelled immediately and user will be perma-banned from the website without the chargeback in a extreme case. If not, the product will be removed and your account could have consequences like closing it.

If your server is suspended because of an impayment,files cannot be retrieved until you pay again.

If it takes you too long to pay a due invoice, service might be terminated and files in some cases can be retrieved, but you will have to pay an extra fee for the recovery services.

If we discover a client is reselling our products we might suspend the account. In order to be able to resell you must ask permissions first to the ZonaHosting.us Staff exclusively via ticket.

Ask for an inmediate cancellation means that you want to stop using right now our services and you also won't be able to ask for a refund. We usually give 1-2 days from cancellation request to allow the customer to tell us if it was an error.

We are not responsible of subscription creation. When you pay you choose subscription or one payment. If you choose subscription you must cancell it on PAYPAL. We do not offer chargebacks if accidentally a subscription was payed, you're in charge of your subscription. For more information about subscription, please contact directly to PayPal.

Admins can always suspend or cancel items without warning if you break our T.O.S.

Everything that happens inside our services are never related to ZonaHosting as we are only the hosting providers.

TeamSpeak 3

Adding more slots than the buyed ones is COMPLETELLY ILLEGAL. This mean that the service will be suspended until you contact us. Chargebacks aren't allowed. The service will be unsuspended until we reach an agreement.

We will give you 12 hours until unsuspension to change the slots to their original state or pay for the new ones. If they are not payed or restaurated to it's original value, it will be suspended or deleted without chargebacks.

If the agreement met is not doned, completed or fixed until 12 hours from ticket close/answer, we can close definitively all services and even delete them without warning you of any of our actions, and again, without chargebacks.

You mainly pay for the machine usage/storage. We use the system Teaspeak to make it cheaper, but due to the last TS3 CLIENT version we've bought a TS3 license. Thanks to this we offer the same TS3 service but very cheap! For aclacaration, everything you do in normal TS3 server version you can also do it here.

We do not monitor files uploaded to te server or any conversation. If we get reports of illegal actions we can inspect and suspend/delete the server witout any warnings.

Random Steam Keys

You cannot open a chargeback once the key is sent to the client because we cannot invalidate keys.

If you have the game or you don't like the game earned, you cannot open a dispute. You agree to this term (and the others) when you purchase or sign up your account.

When we order the massive amount of keys, the value of each one is checked when the list was sent to us, but a game can be devaluated and not fit what is in the description. In that case, we will always try to compensate the user.


Absolutely all types of illegal website like DDoS, Virus spreading, hacking websites, etc are penaliced, and can be terminated without advise and reason, and you'll be banned from ZonaHosting

ZonaHosting.us is NOT asociated to anything you make in your website, so you're completely responsible for anything it happens there.

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